Affordable software for every type of HME business.

Every HME business has its own unique mix of services, inventory and billing demands, from the HME business with a small inventory to a pharmacy with its own HME department – all the way to a large, multi-location business. How can one company meet the needs of them all? Easily. QS/1®’s multiple-platform options give you a growth path based on your business’ needs so you can initially invest in only what you need and alter later as your business demands.

The multiple business benefits of SystemOne®

QS/1 offers an affordable, comprehensive software solution that ensures integrated and adaptable HME management for every type of business. It’s called SystemOne, and here’s what it can offer you.

Cost-Efficient HME Management

When it comes to software to manage your HME business, you should be able to invest in only what you need. With a scalable, modular design and flexible configurations, SystemOne allows cash-conscious businesses the ability to adapt accordingly as they grow – and offers the multi-location business a full system with all the tools it needs.

Comprehensive HME Management

SystemOne can efficiently manage your HME operations and help ensure complete Medicare compliance with scalable, compliant and profitable HME management features. Electronic claims to Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance carriers both expedite and simplify payment while SystemOne automatically manages accounts receivable and inventory; supports cash purchases, recurring rentals and capped rentals; and bills for consumable items too.

Adaptable HME Management

As your HME business changes, so must your software capabilities. You need a system that can adapt and grow with you, which is exactly what SystemOne does. With an extensive list of advanced modules, SystemOne offers the ability to create a system – with just the right features – that works for your specific business at any given time.

Integrated Pharmacy and HME Management

If you want seamless integration between your pharmacy and HME management systems, you can combine SystemOne with QS/1’s NRx® and Point-of-Sale (POS). With shared data capabilities, you can share doctor and patient demographics among systems, consolidate pharmacy and HME accounts receivable onto one patient statement and fill a Medicare Part B-covered drug. Plus, all Medicare-required documents automatically print and transfer to SystemOne for billing. You can even scan a barcode to transfer patient co-pays to POS and have patients sign required documents via electronic signature.

NRx with Essential HME Management

You may not need major HME software when you carry select HME supplies, yet you must be compliant. With NRx, the most complete and intuitive retail pharmacy management system available, you can effectively run your entire pharmacy – and comply with HME Medicare regulations – without the need for additional software. QS/1 is the only software that provides Part B documentation, helping you process claims and comply with CMS regulations with one easy-to-use, audit-ready system.