Integrated products for smoother pharmacy operations.

Tired of the inefficiency, system sluggishness and cross-platform incompatibility that come with multiple vendors? Not to mention the finger-pointing from customer support? QS/1® is the only pharmacy management supplier with a complete, integrated package of solutions − Point-of-Sale, IVR, mobile applications and more − that communicate, share data and work together seamlessly so that you can work more efficiently.

Top five reasons to choose QS/1 integration

An Integrated Management System for Every Type of Pharmacy

If you want your pharmacy to work like a well-oiled machine, pieced-together parts aren’t the answer. The solution is integrated products from QS/1. Engineered to work together, our products communicate seamlessly, sharing data and displaying key functions from any workstation with our unique Pharmacy at a Glance workflow dashboard. Multiple systems and modules are available to help every type of pharmacy become more efficient and profitable, including systems for LTC businesses, HME businesses and multiple store operations.

NRx® Retail Pharmacy Management System

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PrimeCare® LTC Pharmacy Management System

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Additional Integrated Tools and What they Can do for You

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